Judicial Review

We are specialised in this area with extensive experience in acting for clients seeking to bring Judicial Review Proceedings in the High Court, which has the ability to review the decisions of administrative bodies.

Judicial review is a procedure in which the Courts provide remedies against the abuse of the executive power of the State and public bodies. A person who feels that a decision of a public authority, such as a government minister, the District or Circuit Court, a semi-state body, the local council or a statutory tribunal, such as the Refugee Appeals Tribunal, has violated his or her rights, may apply to the High Court for judicial review of the decision.

For some decisions in specialist areas, the ability to judicially review decisions is curtailed. This would apply for example in the areas of planning and environmental law, immigration law, and competition law. In those areas, the time limits are shorter, in some cases the leave application is to be made on notice to the decision making body, and the right of appeal to the Supreme Court is severely limited.

We have extensive experience in acting for clients seeking to judicially review decisions of, for example, the HSE, Local Authorities, Judiciary, Government Departments such as the Department of Justice.