Judicial Review

Public bodies and state companies are trusted to make a wide range of decisions that can affect us and have serious impacts on our lives. These bodies must act within the law. We can help if you have been affected by a public body or state entity abusing its power or acting unlawfully.

We specialise in judicial review and we regularly act for individuals, companies and community interest groups who seek to challenge and/or overturn decisions where a public authority or state agency has failed to comply with its legal obligations.


We have extensive experience in acting for clients and parents of children with needs seeking to judicially review decisions of, for example, the HSE, Local Councils, Judiciary and Government departments.

We regularly act in judicial review cases in areas such as:

The judicial review process can be long and complicated. It is important to organise legal representation as soon as possible to give your case the best chance within the tight time constraints set by the courts.

Our cases have pushed the boundaries of the legal system, sometimes resulting in changes to the law and providing better protection for citizens across the country.

If you have been affected by an unlawful public body decision, we may be able to help you challenge its decision.

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