Family Law Services

We offer a range of services and advice on the following matters in the District Court:

  • Maintenance
  • Guardianship / Custody / Access
  • Child abduction
  • Domestic Abuse

We are members of the Legal Aid Private Practitioner Scheme. You may be entitled to Legal Aid under the Private Practitioner Scheme, this is where the Legal Aid Board will pay a fee to a private Solicitor to represent you in the District Court. If you qualify, we can represent you under the scheme.

  • If you have a court date in the District Court (only) for a Family Law matter, and you cannot get an appointment through the Legal Aid Board before this date, you can apply for representation under the Private Practitioners scheme.

  • It deals with barring and protection orders, maintenance, guardianship, custody and access, as well as variation and discharge of these orders, email or contact us for details.